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Are you recovering from COVID-19? Are you experiencing symptoms like extreme tiredness and brain fog and don’t know why?

The majority of people seem to recover from COVID-19 after about six weeks. Patients that take longer to recover may develop symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), as well as Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS).

Dr. Borenstein can provide post-COVID treatment. He has experience in treating symptoms of CFS and FMS through numerous protocols, including those that include hormones and stem cells.

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What are Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia?

CFS is excessive fatigue that doesn’t seem to dissipate; other symptoms include muscle aches, bloating, brain fog, and low libido. FMS causes severe pain, as well as stiffness, brain fog, restless sleep, and depression.

CFS and FMS can share similar symptoms, and CFS may occur in patients with FMS. Due to this, CFS and FMS can be misidentified as the other.

How May COVID-19 Patients Develop Chronic Fatigue?

Some patients recovering from COVID-19 seem to be showing symptoms of a post-viral syndrome called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Patients experiencing these symptoms are known as Long Haulers.

The post-viral syndrome may be caused by pro-inflammatory cytokines entering the hypothalamus (responsible for hormone release) by crossing the blood-brain barrier. It’s also possible that the immune system releases too many cytokines against COVID-19 (known as a cytokine storm), causing lung inflammation that may lead to breathing issues.

Other causes may include issues with mitochondrial (cellular energy) functioning or lymphatic system disturbance. Additionally, blood clots in the lungs may cause fatigue.

What Symptoms May Long Haulers Experience?

Symptoms that Long Haulers may experience include:

  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • joint pain
  • brain fog
  • exhaustion (from mundane tasks like checking the mail)
  • breathing issues

A COVID patient may be a Long Hauler if they experience CFS or FMS-like symptoms after two weeks to two months. However, some experts argue that symptoms should persist for half a year for a CFS diagnose.

While symptoms do seem to eventually improve over time, they may last longer in patients with chronic health issues and those of older age.

Treating COVID-19 Patients

Dr. Borenstein offers protocols that may help patients with COVID-19 experiencing symptoms that resemble Chronic Fatigue:

Addressing Sleep Disturbances

Getting enough sleep is recommended for CFS. Dr. Borenstein may provide sleep support as part of the SHINE® protocol (Sleep, Hormones, Infection control, Nutrition, and Exercise).

Sleep support may come in numerous forms, such as establishing a sleep schedule and taking sleep medications for deeper sleep (when necessary).

Adrenals and Hormonal Issues

During the SARS epidemic, many patients developed adrenal insufficiency, causing significant fatigue. Testing and treating patients for cortisol deficiency is a vital treatment strategy to aid recovery.

Testing the adrenals for cortisol deficiency is the hormonal component of the SHINE® protocol used to treat FMS. Dr. Borenstein may test for a deficiency with a saliva, urine, or blood test.


Supplements like melatonin might help better your sleep. Nutrition and Supplemental Therapy is part of the SHINE® protocol too, and Dr. Borenstein provides supplements to address specific symptoms, such as creatine to raise your energy or lysine for pain relief.

IV Vitamin C

Intracellular oxidative stress might be the cause behind the respiratory failure that can develop from COVID-19. Vitamin C delivered intravenously (into a vein) may be able to raise intracellular levels and help. Benefits of the vitamin may include curbing the lung’s over-reactive inflammatory response and subduing oxidative stress.

Inhaled Glutathione

Inhaling glutathione with a nebulizer may offer numerous benefits in the fight against oxidative stress too. The antioxidant might be able to lower oxidative injury as well as other effects, like positively affecting the immune system response.

Stem Cells

Patients with an overactive immune system may benefit from mesenchymal stem cells. Studies on COVID-19 patients with respiratory issues from the virus (including shortness of breath) showed that mesenchymal stem cells may help to reduce the need for a ventilator and better one’s pulmonary function.

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